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New Zealand
Starting From AU$32.94

OGO Rotorua - DRYGO

Sophisticated, spherical innovation continues to roll at OGO Rotorua, with the launch of a new, dry downhill ride – designed for those that just aren’t into getting wet (or spinning upside down!).

Brought to you by the original inventors of rolling downhill in giant inflatable balls, the Akers brothers, OGO Rotorua tentatively introduced the dry ride in July 2014 to gauge visitor feedback. Riding with up to three people inside at a time, it turns out visitors loved the option of being able to roll together in a ride that keeps you upright and dry.

But the dry rides also have a water element. How does that work?

Essentially it’s a double OGO – an inflatable ball within an inflatable ball. The layer of water between the two balls lets people roll smoothly downhill and stay dry.

This ride specifically caters for those markets that aren’t used to splashing around inside a ball, those who maybe didn’t bring a change of clothes or those who just want to keep their hair and make-up intact.

Great for those cold winter days!!

Dry ride solo, with someone else or up to three people

Straight Track only ride

Open 364 days of the year, 9.00am - 5pm daily - later in summer till 6pm. Closed Christmas Day.

In ride GO Pro footage and high res images are available to purchase.