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New Zealand
Starting From AU$133.03

AJ Hackett Bungy: Ledge Swing Queenstown

The Ledge Swing is taking swinging to a whole new level... Located 400m ABOVE Queenstown, it's not your average Swing!

The Ledge Swing

At 400m above Queenstown the Ledge Swing takes swinging to a whole new level.  Swing out over town.  For the truly twisted experience, try it at night (Winter-time only), the craziest view of Queenstown that only the bravest get to experience!

And now for something completely different... Remember the swing you had in your back yard? Well, The Ledge Swing takes that to a whole new level. In fact a level 400 metres over Queenstown.

Once harnessed you are lowered to the release 'station'. Let the thrill take over!

As you swing away the biggest surprise is not knowing when you'll change from fall to swing. Just as your brain convinces you the fall will never stop, you begin arching out 400 metres over Queenstown.


Located at the Top of the Skyline Gondola.

Transportation via Skyline Gondola, Gondola Tickets available at the bottom of the Gondola (Top of Brecon Street, Queenstown New Zealand).

Queenstown's only Night-Time Swing (during Winter Months ONLY: July till September)

Open every day of the Year, except Christmas Day!

Age: Min 10 yrs (Children 14 and must have signed parental consent)
Weight: Min 35kg - Max 107kg
Clothing requirements: None

The gondola is NOT included in the price, please advise customers to purchase their gondola ticket on-site at Skyline.