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New Zealand
Starting From AU$96.30

Queenstown Paraflights

Come and fly with us - the best parasailing in Queenstown. Experience the thrill and adventure with Queenstown Paraflights! Fly in ones,twos or threes while staying dry and accessing the best views town can offer.

Solo Flights

Go it alone, enjoy the scenery and exhilaration of parasailing over Lake Wakatipu.

Tandem Flights

A great option, we are able to fly two people at once side by side. Share the experience with a friend or family member! (We've even had people get engaged while in flight).

Triple Flights

An excellent option for families! Mum, Dad and Kids enjoy the flight together! As long as the total combined weight is less than 200kg we can fly you together. (Children as young as two will be able to fly with Mum, Dad, Brothers and Sisters.) No experience required.

Flight details: Comfortable hands free harness Min age 2 years, 98 oldest flyer so far Capacity for groups of twelve per hour Full paraplegic harness available Fly high stay dry, you won't get wet Departs main town pier hourly Min weight 35 kg max 200 kg

How long does the adventure last?
The entire boating adventure lasts for approximately one hour with each person flying for 10-15 minutes.

What is Tandem and who can participate?
Two people can fly together. Take a friend to share the moment.

Will we get wet?
No you are guaranteed to stay dry.

Can people come along to enjoy the boat ride and just watch?
Observers are welcome on a space available basis.

Is it difficult?
No, if you can sit you can fly! No experience or talent is necessary, we do all the work, and you have all the fun!

Are reservations recommended?
Yes! Due to the popularity of our ride and limited space available (12 passenger's maximum per trip) reservations are recommended.

What are the age limits?
The minimum age is two years old, subject to staff approval as we must ensure that our small harness will fit correctly for smaller children.

What are the weight limitations?
This depends on the wind conditions at the time of your flight. The minimum weight is about 35 kgs. (Solo flight) and the maximum weight is approximately 200 kg.

What type of parasailing do we offer?
"Winch Direct Parasailing" the most widely accepted form of parasailing in the world today, the type of Parasailing which allows you to safely take-off and land from on board the boat not off the beach or a floating barge as seen in Mexico and many other resorts.

Utilizing a hydraulic winch, you are slowly reeled out from the flight deck located on the boat, after an incredible and scenic flight you are then reeled back to the boat's flight deck.

How should we dress?
Casual loose fitting clothing, shorts if warm and sunny, bathing suits, sandals, tennis shoes even jeans are ok, you should also bring a fleece jacket or wind breaker just in case you get cold.

I have heard that you also offer parasailing flights for disabled?
True, we have with great success flown people in the past with various physical disabilities and are proud to claim that parasailing truly is one of the few activities where disabled are able to enjoy themselves without being affected by their physical handicap.

Trips Leave the Main Town Peir Queenstown every Hour on the hour, 364 days a year (weather depentant)

Groups of up to 12 people at a time can come out in the Boat.

Safety Paraflights vessel
Our boats are custom designed to New Zealand conditions, powered by twin 225 horsepower engines and equipped with the latest in smooth take off and landing technology.

Built by the world's leading parasail manufacturer, our chutes are custom designed specifically for Queenstown's weather and wind conditions.

Constructed from carbon fiber this line can withstand over 5000kg's of weight.

Comfortable and hands free (no wedgies here), we also have full body harnesses for flyers with physical disabilities.